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KFC Runs Out of Chicken after Oprah Gives Fans Coupons

Oprah Winfrey’s latest offer was intended to give a free Kentucky Fried Chicken dinner for every one of her fans. Instead, it sparked a free-for-all after branches across the States came up short on flame broiled chicken. Individuals announced strange scenes as disgruntled customers debilitated to resort to brutality as others staged sit-ins requesting their […]

Why Vivavideo Is The Best Editing App?

It is all about the videos and photographs and Vivavideo takes the editing to another level of excellence by editing what you have created through your phone. This is an app which makes your videos much more interesting and that has what made this a top app on Google Play. You can create your own […]

How to Stream Movies and Media Content Safely on Showbox App

Showbox is the best streaming apps available on the verb. This app lets the user watch various movies, videos and TV shows absolutely for free of cost. The showbox application has set a great impact on the market streaming app on the web. This app originally introduced earlier this year. The showbox app is compatible […]

TricksCentral – How to fix the software issue in android phone/tablet

The demand for Android phone has always been high, but there could be technical hitches. Need to make an urgent business call or an emergency call and suddenly your mobile does not respond, that’s the last you want to face. Before you begin with the fixing phone, do not forget to take a backup of […]

Shareit APK downloads!

Shareit is an application used by the users in order to do the transfer and exchanging of files, images, documents and much more between devices. This app is a file exchanging challenge that runs its operations being a friendly app to the one using it. This app allows you to function the transferring within seconds […]