Best Steps to Download Showbox Updated Version

With the recent update of download showbox application, many users have reported of it being stopping in the middle and not working. Prior the update, all was working fine and ever since the recent update it suddenly stopped working. Many people have reported their concerns on the official website also.

The problem as noted by users crops up when someone tries to stream movies or videos and then all of a sudden, it stops. So here we look at the solution as to how this issue has to be resolved. Most probably after following the below procedure, the issue of showbox not working will get resolved.

Problem 1- Service not available, or the update isn’t working?

This issue crops when you are using an old version of the application which isn’t updated.  An app irrespective of whether it is a premium or a normal one needs to be updated. It gets all the new files for proper running. Since it isn’t available on playstore you have to get a regular checkup of it and keep it updated.

Downloading the updates and keeping the app updated eradicates this issue of service unavailability. This problem is directly linked with update issues. So update your showbox app as soon as possible.

Problem 2- showbox not working or stopped

To resolve this issue you have to follow these steps:

  • Close the wifi on your smartphone
  • Go to the settings in your smartphone
  • From here go to the app manager.
  • Now select the showbox app and press on the clear data option. Clear the cache as well as the data and then restart the phone
  • Now connect the wifi connection and open showbox application again
  • You will see that the application is perfectly without any issue.

So these were the two issues which were majorly faced by people. Showbox not working is mostly an update issue and if not then a cache or data issue. After clearing the data cache, all would be working fine.

You also need to note that the showbox application only works on android and windows operating systems and it doesn’t run on IOS and other apple devices. The reason being the IOS version isn’t developed yet and apple also has removed the showbox version from its store.  However there is another catch for downloading on iphone and ipads. Briefing the method below:

  • You will have to install a third party app vShare from a website. Make sure it is the unjailbroken file
  • Install the file on your smartphone
  • Now launch the vShare from home menu and trust app in the dialog box which appears.
  • Now open the application and search in the box ”Movie Box”. It is the .dmg file which is equivalent to showbox
  • Now install the app from the search results
  • Now launch the movie box after going through the entire process. In the confirmation dialog box click on Trust to complete the downloading process.