Favorable decision unsealing grand jury minutes covered by the New York Law Journal

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A recent decision obtained by Rankin & Taylor ordering the unsealing of grand jury minutes for possible use in a civil suit was covered by the  New York Law Journal:     Grand Jury Minutes to Be Examined by Judge in Civil Case John Caher New York Law Journal 2013-09-20 00:00:00.0   In the latest [...]

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N.Y. Doctor sues for right to visit her child’s grave

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Rankin & Taylor has brought suit against the NYC Dept. of Corrections on behalf of a client seeking to visit the grave of her stillborn child on Hart Island.  The island is the location of New York’s Potter’s Field where at least 850,000 people have been buried.  An Article 78 Petition was filed seeking an [...]

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New York Times featuring David Rankin: “City is No Long Reporting the costs of Its Settlements of Federal Cases”

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New York Times featuring David Rankin: “City is No Long Reporting the costs of Its Settlements of Federal Cases”   Colin Moynihan of The New York Times reports:   The New York City Law Department has quietly adopted a practice of withholding from public filings how much it pays to settle most federal court cases [...]

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‘Monell’ claim against NYPD’s mass arrest policies upheld

Posted on 17. Oct, 2012 by in Civil Rights

Nearly four years ago, R.J. Osterhoudt was unlawfully arrested in Williamsburg during a spontaneous street celebration of Barack Obama’s election as president. Rankin & Taylor represented Osterhoudt in criminal court, resulting in dismissal of the charges after 11 court appearances.   Now, in his civil rights lawsuit, a Brooklyn federal judge has ruled (link to [...]

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Village Voice: “The NYPD’s Poor Judgement With the Mentally Ill”, Family of Shereese Francis Represented by Rankin & Taylor

Posted on 15. Aug, 2012 by in Civil Rights, NYPD Abuse, Police Misconduct, Press, Recent Press, Section 1983, Wrongful Death

Nick Pinto of the Village Voice writes in “The NYPD’s Poor Judgement With the Mentally Ill“: On the evening of March 15, Shauna Francis called 311 looking for some information. She wanted to call an ambulance for her 30-year-old sister, Shereese, but wasn’t impressed by the quality of care at Queens General, the nearest hospital. Shauna wanted to know if she could ask [...]

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