Rankin & Taylor Represent The Family Of Nicole Garbellotto

The family of a 34-year-old woman who died in NYPD custody after being revived from an overdose last month will sue the city Thursday for information on the circumstances behind her death. Relatives of Nicole Garbellotto say they have yet to receive any details about how she died on Dec. 8 after being found passed […]

Rankin & Taylor Represented E. Randol Schoenberg In His Successful Battle To Unseal The Hillary Clinton Email Search Warrant

A federal judge in Manhattan has ordered the partial unsealing of a government search warrant and supporting documents stemming from a federal inquiry into emails belonging to Huma Abedin, a top aide to Hillary Clinton. The judge, P. Kevin Castel of United States District Court, ordered on Monday that the documents be posted on the […]

Rankin & Taylor Files Suit On Behalf Of The Family Of An Inmate Who Tragically Died At Rikers Island

A Rikers Island inmate didn’t have drugs in his system when he died, contradicting claims made by city officials, a lawsuit charges. Richard Gonzalez, who was being held on misdemeanor trespassing and drug possession charges, was found dead with vomit around his mouth while in a holding pen at the Anna M. Kross Center on […]

Lambda Legal Joins Federal Lawsuit After Antigay Attack at Rikers Island

Lambda Legal has filed an amended complaint in a federal lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York on behalf of Thomas Hamm against the City of New York and New York City Department of Correction (DOC) officers and supervisors after a brutal attack on Mr. Hamm while he visited […]

New York Officer Is Charged in Arrest of Man Who Tried to Film Him

A New York City police officer who arrested a man as he tried to film him and other officers with a cellphone camera was charged on Tuesday with official misconduct and lying on a criminal complaint. The charges brought against the officer, Jonathan Munoz, highlight a trend. Conflicts between citizens and the police have become […]

Diabetic Man Died At Rikers Island When He Was Denied Medical Treatment: Lawsuit

Carlos Mercado, 45, an inmate at the jail, slipped into a diabetic coma and then died after guards were slow to respond to pleas for help, according to a lawsuit against the Department of Corrections and its health provider, Corizon Health. The lawsuit says he requested medical treatment for his condition when he arrived at […]

R&T Client Alleges Hearing Loss From Jailhouse Beating

Correction officers in Bronx Central Booking beat up a prisoner so badly he suffered permanent hearing loss, a new Manhattan federal lawsuit alleges. Ramfis Aquino pleaded guilty to criminal possession of a controlled substance in the third degree on Nov. 3, 2008. He was released from prison but collared again March 28, 2013, for allegedly […]

In The News

Favorable decision unsealing grand jury minutes covered by the New York Law Journal

A recent decision obtained by Rankin & Taylor ordering the unsealing of grand jury minutes for possible use in a civil suit was covered by the  New York Law Journal: Must See: Cogniflex Reviews and Ratings – ‘Don’t Buy It Until You See This First’. It plays an important role in the treatment of neurological. […]

N.Y. Doctor sues for right to visit her child’s grave

Rankin & Taylor has brought suit against the NYC Dept. of Corrections on behalf of a client seeking to visit the grave of her stillborn child on Hart Island.  The island is the location of New York’s Potter’s Field where at least 850,000 people have been buried.  An Article 78 Petition was filed seeking an […]

New York Times featuring David Rankin: “City is No Longer Reporting the costs of Its Settlements of Federal Cases”

New York Times featuring David Rankin: “City is No Longer Reporting the costs of Its Settlements of Federal Cases”   Colin Moynihan of The New York Times reports:   The New York City Law Department has quietly adopted a practice of withholding from public filings how much it pays to settle most federal court cases […]

‘Monell’ claim against NYPD’s mass arrest policies upheld

Nearly four years ago, R.J. Osterhoudt was unlawfully arrested in Williamsburg during a spontaneous street celebration of Barack Obama’s election as president. Rankin & Taylor represented Osterhoudt in criminal court, resulting in dismissal of the charges after 11 court appearances.   Now, in his civil rights lawsuit, a Brooklyn federal judge has ruled (link to […]

Village Voice: “The NYPD’s Poor Judgement With the Mentally Ill”, Family of Shereese Francis Represented by Rankin & Taylor

Nick Pinto of the Village Voice writes in “The NYPD’s Poor Judgement With the Mentally Ill“: On the evening of March 15, Shauna Francis called 311 looking for some information. She wanted to call an ambulance for her 30-year-old sister, Shereese, but wasn’t impressed by the quality of care at Queens General, the nearest hospital. Shauna wanted to know if she could ask […]

Rankin & Taylor Files Suit on Behalf of Three Occupy Wall Street Protesters Pepper Sprayed by NYPD

Nick Pinto of the Village Voice writes in “More Pepper-Sprayed Protesters Sue NYPD“: Three Occupy Wall Street protesters announced today that they are suing the New York Police Department in federal court over officers’ use of pepper spray on marchers last September 24. Two of the plaintiffs, Damien Crisp and Julie Lawler, were sprayed by […]

Rankin & Taylor Client is Assaulted By NYPD, Incident Caught on Video by Activist

From The New York Times, “In Subway, Activist Records Stop-and-Frisk He Says Proves Its Dark Side” (July 26, 2012): The video shows a police officer striding toward a young man standing on a platform at the 45th Street subway station in Brooklyn. A few seconds later, the officer pats him down. Shortly afterward, the young […]

Rankin & Taylor Client Robert Bell Sues for Right to Salute Police Officers with His Middle Finger

Rankin & Taylor client Robert Bell does not like the police, and now he has a federal lawsuit to vindicate his right to say so. When Bell saw three NYPD officers walk past him last August, he saluted them with his middle finger. A fourth officer saw Bell’s gesture and placed him under arrest. Bell was taken to […]

Village Voice: Family Sues to Learn Why Shereese Francis was Suffocated in Her Home by Police

by Nick Pinto. On March 15, Shereese Francis had a fight with her mother and became increasingly emotionally distraught. Francis, 30, lived at home in Queens, wasn’t taking the medication prescribed for her schizophrenia. Her sister called 311, hoping to get Shereese to a hospital. Continue reading at the Village Voice

Paula Segal, Law Clerk, Featured in the NY Times for Her Work with 596 Acres

“THE city of New York owns thousands of slivers of unused land, and about a year ago, a group of Brooklyn gardeners had an idea: identify all the vacant lots in the borough, then help neighborhood residents take them over. They built an online map, then a mobile app, with information about the plots, including […]

Demonstrators Request Injunction Restricting NYPD’s Use of Metal Barricades

NEW YORK (April 30, 2012) – Today, Occupy-affiliated demonstrators who were illegally held for two hours against their will on November 30, 2011 inside a pen built of interlocking metal barricades filed a civil rights action in federal court. The group is represented by the law firms of Rankin & Taylor and Beldock Levine & Hoffman. In […]

The Search for Justice and Accountability from NYPD on CNN

Please click through to see a clip of Rankin & Taylor attorney Steve Vaccaro speaking with CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta about NYPD’s inadequate investigations of pedestrian and bicycle crashes. “Injured Bicycles Call for Action” – via CNN The above clip will air as part of a CNN broadcast this Saturday and Sunday (4/21, 4/22) starting at 7:30am. […]

National Lawyers Guild-New York City Legal Observer Files Civil Rights Lawsuit Against the City of New York for His False Arrest and Imprisonment During New Year’s Day Occupy Wall Street Demonstration

New York County District Attorney’s Office Declined to Prosecute Legal Observer Damian Treffs for Disorderly Conduct Because NYPD Lacked Probable Cause for Arrest NEW YORK (April 17, 2012) – Today, National Lawyers Guild New York City Chapter (NLG-NYC) Legal Observer Damian Treffs filed a lawsuit against the City of New York and the officers who falsely […]

Activists Sue Department of Buildings to Force Disclosure of Approved Plans for Stalled Construction Work

Chase Manhattan Plaza has been continuously closed since September 15, 2011. At first, guards keeping the public out of the popular financial district lunch hang out told those who asked that the fences were “Because of Occupy Wall Street.”[1] Then, suddenly the plaza was approved for waterproofing work that had been applied for in 2010. […]

Law Office of Rankin & Taylor Seeking People Penned in at November 2011 Protest of President Obama in Midtown Manhattan

Law Office of Rankin & Taylor Seeking People Penned in at November 2011 Protest of President Obama in Midtown Manhattan The Law Office of Rankin & Taylor would like to speak with individuals penned in by the NYPD during an Occupy Wall Street protest on November 30, 2011, in the vicinity of the Sheraton Hotel […]

Family of Mathieu Lefevre Sues NYPD for Withholding Crash Information (Streetsblog)

Rankin & Taylor attorney Steve Vaccaro has filed a lawsuit against the NYPD for refusing to release information under New York’s Freedom of Information Law Family of Mathieu Lefevre Sues NYPD for Withholding Crash Information                                                                                                                        January 2, 2012 Brad Aaron The family of Mathieu Lefevre has filed a lawsuit against the NYPD for […]

Rankin & Taylor Lawyer Representing Family of Crash Victim Mathieu Lefevre

Rankin & Taylor Lawyer Representing Family of Crash Victim Mathieu Lefevre Steve Vaccaro is representing the parents of Mathieu Lefevre, a 30-year-old artist tragically killed by a truck driver while cycling in Williamsburg, in litigation against the NYPD to ensure a full and fair investigation of the crash.  Read about the NYPD’s handling of the […]