N.Y. Doctor sues for right to visit her child’s grave

Rankin & Taylor has brought suit against the NYC Dept. of Corrections on behalf of a client seeking to visit the grave of her stillborn child on Hart Island.  The island is the location of New York’s Potter’s Field where at least 850,000 people have been buried.  An Article 78 Petition was filed seeking an injunction requiring the New York City Department of Correction to permit Laurie Grant, M.D. of Valhalla, NY to walk to the gravesite of her stillborn daughter. Dr. Grant’s daughter was born by Caesarian Section on July 12, 1993 and buried on Hart Island on August 11, 1994. She learned of the burial only this year, having sought information for the prior 18 years from the Department of Health. She has been unable to obtain a certificate of stillbirth due to an error on the recorded date of delivery.